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It was 2012 and I was living in Los Angeles. I was fresh out of graduate school with a Master’s degree. Hungry and ready to get to work, I had one goal in mind, land the right internship with the right company, work harder than anyone, get offered a full time job and settle into a comfortable life. The doors opened and I completed production reality development and talent internships at The Dr. Phil Show, Entertainment Tonight, North / South Productions, Authentic Entertainment and Comedy Central. They were all very exciting and challenging but after each one ended I felt unsatisfied and no closer to the comfortable life I was urning for.

As I transitioned into my last internship I had a lot on my mind which made it hard to sleep at night. But one particular night I slept like a baby and had a dream that motivated me enough to start my own business. I was a sandal designer and I created high quality, leather sandals. In the dream I held each sandal in my hand and inspected every inch of it. I remember the sandals looked like a work of art. The upper designs were delicately woven and had a beautiful feminine touch. Its as if I was designing a sandal for a greek Goddess. I’m not sure how long the dream lasted but when I woke up I had a burning fire to create the sandals in my dream.

So, I went to Mood fabric store and picked out fabric, buttons, zippers and whatever else looked interesting to me. I then went to CVS and bought cheap flip flops and a needle and thread kit. I went home and started to unfold some of the fabric, took one zipper and two buttons out of their packages and placed each item on top of the flip flop. I started molding the fabric onto the thong of the sandals. I held the zipper and placed it on top of the fabric. I liked the look of the zipper and thought I’ve never see a sandal with a zipper on it. Then I asked myself, “What if theses sandals had working zipper pockets, could that be possible?” I played around with two more styles and decided to move forward with the idea.

Fast forward to 2017, I have worked with six overseas manufactures. I have a design patent and a LLC and I’ve participated in two crowdfunding campaigns. I’m currently working on my business plan so I can license my sandal to already established footwear companies. So, thats my journey so far and I’m excited for the next steps.

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